Do You Feel Like You Have Dry Mouth?

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Do you ever feel like your mouth is dry? It is actually very common and also referred to as xerostomia. If you are taking any sort of medication, it is the number one side effect!
Some other common causes of xerostomia include:
·         Smoking
·         Drinking alcohol
·         Chemotherapy/radiation treatment
·         Dehydration
·         People with certain diseases such as Diabetes and other autoimmune disorders
Why saliva is important:
·         Protects your mouth by lubricating and coating your teeth and gums
·         Essential for eating, chewing, and swallowing
·         Cavity prevention:  your saliva balances the pH in your mouth from the daily acidic foods and drinks consumed
·         Necessary for taste
Now what? How can you help treat the symptoms of xerostomia?
·         Dry mouth products such as Biotene and Oasis help moisturize the oral cavity
·         There are many options such as toothpastes, oral gels, mouth rinses, mouth sprays that can help lubricate dry tissue and decrease your cavity risk
·         Fluoride treatments at your check-up appointments will greatly benefit your teeth (ask your hygienist!)
·         You can help stimulate your salivary glands by sucking on sugar-free or xylitol-containing products