Do Your Gums Bleed While Brushing or Flossing?

Have you ever noticed bleeding during brushing or flossing? Most people we ask answer with a “yes.” But did you know that it’s not normal, healthy or okay for your gums to bleed? If you were to wash your hands, and your finger nails started to spontaneously bleed, you probably wouldn’t think that was normal and would call your doctor to inquire.
Bleeding gums, no matter when or where they bleed is not healthy and actually indicates signs of inflammation and gum disease. Just like when you have a splinter under your skin, when bacteria and plaque-biofilm accumulate around your tooth, your body responds to heal the area affected. Having puffy, bleeding and sore gums may indicate gum infection and should be evaluated by your dental health professional. Chronic inflammation such as gum disease may affect your overall health and should be treated as soon as possible.