Is Fluoride Right For You?

Have you ever been offered a fluoride treatment at your dental office, and wondered if this is the right treatment for you?  Below, we will outline the benefits and uses of fluoride varnish, and why your dentist may recommend it for you.

Fluoride is a mineral that helps to prevent tooth decay by stopping demineralization and helping to remineralize the tooth structure.  High concentration fluoride, that can be applied by your dental professional, can also stop the bacterial metabolism that leads to acid erosion and cavities.

Fluoride can also help to prevent tooth sensitivity.  Tooth sensitivity can be cause by a loss of the enamel layer of the tooth, or gumline recession.  When this happens, the tooth’s dentin has become exposed.  Fluoride helps to block the dentinal tubules, and reduce temperature sensitivity.

Fluoride is an inexpensive preventative procedure that can minimize your risk for developing cavities, remineralize early decay and strengthen your tooth structure.  At Corson Dentistry we use a leading edge product called fluoride varnish.  Studies show fluoride varnish to be the most effective and safe product available for tooth remineralization and desensitization.