How We Keep You Safe at Your Dental Visit

How we keep you safe from transferable viruses, diseases and other pathogens in the office during your appointment.

·Disinfectant use after each patient which is tuberculocidal, bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal

·Ultrasonic cleaning unit which “shakes” and removes all debris from our dental instruments

·Steam autoclaving after each patient which utilizes steam vapor up to 273 degrees Fahrenheit (no chemicals!) under pressure to sterilize instruments

·Weekly spore testing which tests the efficacy of our sterilizing machines

·Dental unit waterline cleaner which is incorporated into a self-contained water bottle instead of the municipal water system

·Dental unit suction cleaner which dissolves organic waste to keep it clean

·Plastic barriers in your room including one for your head rest & during oral surgery procedures, we utilize sterile water and extra barriers for aseptic technique

·In addition, every team member is trained in OSHA and infection control in the dental healthcare setting.