How to Make Dental Visits More Productive and Effective

As one of our valued patients and friends, you’ve probably never considered the following questions, “what can I do to make my dental visits as productive and effective as possible?”  At first, it may sound like a silly question.  You’ve probably thought, as a patient, that your job was pretty much to show up and open wide! But to really get more from our visits together, here are a few suggestions.

Use our social media platform to connect with us.  We are interested in staying connected.  Many times we only see you every six months and that’s one reason why our social media tolls are so important to our team.  One way to stay connected is to be sure you’ve liked us on our FACEBOOK page.  We really enjoy interacting with you there.

Ask questions.  We love visiting with you about any aspect of your oral health.  It’s human nature to be a little shy to ask us, whether it’s during your visit, on the phone or by social media we are always happy to help.

Plan sufficient time for your next visit.

We understand that life gets busy!  And, you probably feel like you have many things you could be doing besides hanging out at our practice!  That’s totally ok…we don’t feel bad.  However, be sure to allow ample time for your appointments just so you don’t feel rushed and we’re able to answer all of your questions.

Spend a little bit of time learning more about your oral health.  Many of our patients may not even realize the scope of services we offer.  Thanks, in advance, for getting to know more about how we can serve you!

Thanks for the trust you place in us.  We can’t say it enough….THANK YOU!!  Thanks for being our valued friends and patients.  And thanks for your kind referrals of coworkers, extended family members and friends.  We appreciate it!!