Oral DNA

Have you ever heard of testing your saliva?  With new technology evolving in dentistry, we can now test specifically for certain types of cancer, disease-causing bacteria, and the specific gene that predisposes you to periodontal disease.
At Corson Dentistry, we offer a new DNA test that helps us treat periodontal disease more predictably.  The test is similar to the type of test done when someone has a bacteria sample taken to diagnose Strep throat. It determines and quantifies the amount of periodontal disease-causing bacteria present in your oral cavity and if an antibiotic is suitable.  This simple test involves a 30-second swish with a saline solution while you’re at your next cleaning appointment.  The solution is then sent to the lab to be analyzed.  One week later, we are able to customize a treatment plan to bring you to your optimal oral health thanks to pathology reports.  We highly recommend this simple test for anyone who has a history of periodontal disease in their family; prevention is key!