Things to Know About Lasers at Corson Dentistry

Things to know about lasers in our office
·         Since being up to date with the latest, high-end technology is one of our priorities here at Corson Dentistry, we’d like to educate you a little on one of our favorites—our dental laser.
·         Dr. Corson utilizes his laser for many procedures in our office for your comfort and for ideal healing. Using the laser allows crowns to fit better and makes it easier to remove tissue with more comfortable healing.
·         The lasers utilized at our office have been issued clearance by the FDA; any dental laser available on the market has been.
·         Dental lasers have been cleared for over 20 uses.
·         A laser used as an adjunct in the detection of early cavities allows Dr. Corson to find weak spots in the enamel at the very first sign which can save you from pain down the road.
·         The hygienist’s utilize their laser as an adjunct to periodontal therapy when they are performing a deep cleaning. They also use it to decontaminate inflamed gum tissue to promote healing and reduce the amount of disease-causing bacteria present around the tooth.