Ways to Avoid Dental Anxiety in Your Child

Ways to avoid dental anxiety in your child include early exposure, proper timing, good example, and positive experiences.  Children often find dental visits traumatic, which may trigger serious dental anxiety at a later age.  It’s hard to manage sever dental phobias if not addressed properly at an early stage.  You have the duty, as a parent, to make sure that your child gets proper dental care, and this can be far from possible if he or she is afraid of the dentist.

Here are some steps you can do to address these fears.

Early Exposure

The best thing to do is expose your kids to the dentist at a young age.  This should familiarize them on what to expect when visiting the dentist.  Frequent visits to the office can make them feel at ease and comfortable during the dental examination and treatment.

Proper Timing

Bring your child to the dentist at the perfect time.  Go when you child is well rested and in a positive mood for adventure.  It’s not wise to bring them when they’re hungry or in the middle of play time.

Good Example

Never tell them about your personal dental fears or bad experiences.  This may make them more afraid.  Tell them good reasons to be excited about a dental visit.  Start instilling the value of proper dental hygiene at home.  Teach your kids how to brush properly and give them an idea of how dentists may help make their teeth stronger and healthier.

Positive Experience

Make your child comfortable and relaxed as you go to the dentist.  Let them bring their favorite toys, books, or blankets.  Make it a positive experience by praising them when they get the dentist’s instructions right and by giving them rewards after the visit.