Wisdom Teeth Removal in Greenwood Village, CO

Need to undergo wisdom tooth removal in Greenwood Village? Our signature wisdom teeth removal procedures can reduce the risk of dental issues such as tooth pain, decay, and overcrowding that often occurs with wisdom teeth that are left untreated. Corson Dentistry offers top wisdom teeth extraction services in Greenwood Village, CO and beyond, including removing impacted wisdom teeth.

Is It Necessary to Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

woman smiling after finding relief from tooth pain by having her wisdom teeth removedFor many individuals, the third molars, most commonly called wisdom teeth, often start causing problems during the late teenage years or early twenties, and the eruption or attempted eruption of wisdom teeth can lead to discomfort and inflammation at the back of the mouth. If you suspect it may be time to have your wisdom teeth removed, Corson Dentistry will use cutting-edge dental imaging technology to assess whether removing wisdom teeth is the best treatment route for you or your teen. Our dental practice in Greenwood is equipped to handle complex cases, including extracting impacted wisdom teeth.

Sedation Dentistry for Wisdom Tooth Extraction

As a patient at Corson Dentistry, you can rest assured that your comfort is our priority during every dental procedure. Our team is proficient and certified in advanced sedation dentistry techniques, ideal for patients with dental anxiety or phobia, special healthcare requirements, or those undergoing surgical procedures like wisdom tooth extraction.

Your Wisdom Teeth Consultation

When you visit us for your surgical consultation, our dentists will review your medical history to determine the most suitable and safest level of sedation for your needs. Our Greenwood Village team is dedicated to providing the most gentle and stress-free wisdom tooth treatments possible, offering spa-like amenities and sedation dentistry to keep our patients at ease.

Schedule Your Wisdom Teeth Consultation

Do you suspect you or your teen may require wisdom teeth removal? Contact Corson Dentistry in Greenwood Village today to schedule your consultation and experience our gentle, modern approach to dentistry.

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