Emergency Dentist Appointments in Parker, CO

Need emergency dental care in Parker, CO? Corson Dentistry uses the most modern dental technologies to offer urgent dental care for a long list of dental injuries and concerns. Our top-rated dentists can address many urgent oral health issues to stop tooth pain, infection, and more in their tracks. Because even patients with otherwise healthy teeth and gums can experience dental emergencies, we offer fast, effective care, including same-day and next-day emergency appointments in Parker, CO!

At Corson Dentistry in Parker, CO, we offer emergency care for urgent conditions including:

Tooth Pain

Corson Dentistry back room where restorations are craftedIf your tooth pain has lasted over a few days, it could signal a more serious underlying oral health concern. Corson Dentistry's emergency exams include a thorough consultation with your skilled dentist and digital X-rays to determine the cause of your discomfort.

Knocked-out or Cracked Teeth

Missing or broken teeth should be addressed right away, to restore not just the appearance of your smile but its health. Damaged teeth can lead to infections that can spread to affect other areas of the body, and our team will work to repair any damage right away. Contact us immediately if you or your family member have suffered knocked-out, broken, or severely damaged tooth.

Damaged Dental Fillings or Crowns

While we use high-quality, durable materials to place fillings and dental crowns, dental restorations of all kinds can be susceptible to occasional damage and require replacement. If your filling or crown breaks or comes off, contact us right away to schedule an emergency care appointment and receive a new restoration!

Dental Abscesses

Untreated infections below the gum line can lead to dental abscesses. Our dentists will examine the abscess during your emergency visit and may recommend a tooth extraction or root canal procedure if necessary.

Schedule Your Urgent Dental Care in Parker, CO

Corson Dentistry provides fast, gentle urgent care for our community in Parker, CO. If you suffer a dental injury or sudden onset of tooth or mouth pain, our dentists will schedule you for a same-day or next-day emergency dentist appointment as soon as possible. Contact us right away for the fast treatment and pain relief you need!

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