Top Dental Technologies in Denver, CO

Looking for a high-tech dental experience in Denver? Top dental technologies typically mean a faster, more effective, and more comfortable dental treatment for the patient. That's why Corson Dentistry in Denver, CO invests in the latest modern dentistry has to offer, to take your dental care experience above and beyond any you've had before!

With a full range of top dental procedures in one conveniently located Denver area office, our modern facility offers comforting, spa-like amenities, along with advanced dental technology including same-day restorations, digital cavity detection and more.

Corson Dentistry uses top dental technologies in Denver, CO including:

3D Digital X-Rays

3D digital x-ray machine at Corson Dentistry in Denver, COWe use 3D digital x-rays to take safer, more accurate images of our patients' smiles. 3D x-ray technology allows our team to capture ultra-precise imaging, while reducing radiation exposure for our patients. With digital imaging technology, x-rays are fast and comfortable, reducing your time in the dentist's chair and making your images quickly available to your dentist!

CEREC Same Day Dental Crowns

Corson Dentistry uses the CEREC same-day dental crown system, making it possible for patients to receive new, customized dental crowns on the same day they visit our Denver dental office! You won't need to wait weeks for your new crown to be created in a lab and placed — our skilled team can quickly restore your smile with same-day crowns in just one appointment!

Laser Dentistry

Corson Dentistry invests in dental laser technology to offer more precise, more comfortable treatment experiences in a shorter time. Our team can uses dental lasers for a variety of procedures from periodontal therapy to cold sore treatments and early decay detection.

DIAGNODENT Digital Cavity Detection

Detecting cavities at your preventive dental exam is now easier than ever, thanks to digital cavity detection! Using DIAGNODENT laser technology, our team can detect cavities and decay early on, to stop them in their tracks! DIAGNODENT is a non-invasive method of easily detecting tooth decay, even cavities that are developing in harder-to-spot areas of the mouth.

Experience Top-Rated, Modern Dentistry in Denver

Corson Dentistry has invested in the latest dental technologies to make your experience the best it can be! Detect cavities early on, receive same-day restorations and more with our modern tools and skilled dental team. Contact us today to schedule your next dentist appointment!

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