Sedation Dentistry in Denver

Do you experience dental anxiety, fear or discomfort? At Corson Dentistry, our team understands preparing for a dental appointment isn't always easy.  That's why we've designed our modern dental facility in Denver to be comforting, spa-like, and welcoming to patients of all ages and at any level of dental anxiety. In addition to our friendly team and relaxing amenities, we offer additional support for dental anxiety with safe sedation dentistry.

Corson Dentistry offers a variety of dental sedation methods, from mild laughing gas sedation to IV sedation, to help our patients have a more relaxing experience! Our dental office in Denver, CO provides the following sedation dentistry methods:

Laughing Gas Sedation

man very relaxed during his dental appointment thanks to sedation dentistryLaughing gas is a colorless, odorless gas, inhaled at the beginning of your dental treatment. After just a few minutes, feelings of relaxation will begin to set in. Typically, patients who are treated laughing gas won’t feel their dental procedure being completed, but will remain conscious throughout the procedure to be able to communicate and take direction from your dentist.

The Laughing Gas Process

Receiving laughing gas during your dental visit is pain-free, fast, and easy! Our team can add scents to the odorless gas, including vanilla, cherry, and mint to make your experience more enjoyable. Patients will continue to receive a steady flow of laughing gas throughout the procedure to maintain their sense of comfort and relaxation throughout the visit.

Patients at Corson Dentistry often find the biggest advantages of laughing are that it works quickly and wears off quickly, leaving them feeling completely normal without grogginess or fatigue. You'll be able to drive home from our Denver dental office after your visit, without any safety concerns. Sedation with laughing gas is a safe, excellent option for patients who feel uncomfortable with needles or who may experience a gag reflex.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Corson Dentistry in Denver offers oral conscious sedation, a mild sedative taken as a pill prior to a patient's dental procedure. While under the effects of oral conscious sedation, patients remain aware, yet relaxed and less responsive to external stimuli. Patients also experience a reduced sense of pain.

Most patients feel calm and relaxed after taking oral conscious sedation, but still able to respond to the dentist and his team and answer questions. Even though the sedation is mild, patients who opt for oral conscious sedation during treatment should arrange for transportation home from our Denver office following their appointment.

Our team offers oral conscious sedation to patients of all ages who experience dental anxiety, including young patients, patients who have special healthcare needs, or patients who simply need extra support to stay still and relaxed during treatment.

IV Sedation

At Corson Dentistry in Denver, intravenous (IV) sedation can be provided if oral sedatives are not adequate to produce a relaxing effect. IV sedation is a moderate sedative that involves anesthesia  administered to the patient through a small needle or catheter gently placed in a vein. Your dentist will always ccontrol the level of sedation administered throughout the process.

When you opt for IV sedation, you can expect to remain in a semi-conscious state with reduced feelings of anxiety. Patients who receive IV sedation will have the ability to respond to verbal commands under IV sedation, although their speech may be impaired. Patients are likely to have little or no memory of the procedure due to the sedative's mild, safe amnesic effects.

Offering IV sedation in a safe environment, more patients who are prone to anxiety or fear, or who possess a dental phobia, can receive the dental care they need with minimal discomfort or anxiety.

Who is a Candidate for IV Sedation?

woman taking a sedative prior to her oral surgery procedureIn addition to anxious patients, IV sedation is suitable for those with sensitive teeth, a low pain threshold, a sensitive gag reflex or restlessness in the dentist's chair.

To offer IV sedation, dentists must be certified by the American Dental Association, complete the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) program and pass a comprehensive exam administered by their respective state’s dental board. Professionals also must regularly acquire additional hours of emergency training and continuing education to maintain their permit.

Dr. Corson is one of few dentists in the Denver area who is trained and qualified to provide IV sedation in-house. At your sedation dentistry consultation, our skilled practitioners will help you decide on the best sedation methods for your needs!

What Dental Services are Performed with Sedation?

Dr. Corson and his team offer a full spectrum dental treatments at our Denver office, ranging from routine checkups to root canal treatment, with the option to add sedation dentistry. Our dentist will prescribe a sedation method based on the patient's unique anxiety levels and treatment needs.

At Corson Dentistry, our team invests in the most modern and innovative techniques for treatments like root canal therapy, dental fillings, extractions, and implant placements. Our goal is always minimal discomfort for our patients. Because we understand each patient will have a unique treatment experience and perspective, your treatment plan will be just as unique!

Schedule Your Sedation Dentistry Consult for an Anxiety-Free Experience

Ready to find out if sedation dentistry is right for you? Our dentists will schedule a consultation with you to help you discover the best sedation method for your needs. Contact us today to schedule your visit!

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